Should Bama & Auburn fans cheer or dislike each other?


Should Auburn and Bama fans never cheer for each other? I was raised to dislike Auburn. I bleed crimson. But as a licensed artist for Auburn, I visited the campus, it's people and it's traditions. Truth is that Auburn is a great school, especially on gameday. I love the state of Alabama, so how could I not love Auburn? As a fan of the SEC, I rooted for LSU.

Other than the Iron Bowl, I am an Auburn fan. There is only one Auburn painting I ever had a hard time painting. I just could not finish it. I tried, but every time I started to paint, my brain went numb. So I went to my muse. She gave me the words of inspiration I needed to finish. I went into our bedroom and told my wife Erin that I could not finish it. She replied with her words of wisdom "Get your ass back in that studio, and finish the damn painting! We need the money". So what was the painting? See the below:


"In "the Flash of a Second"

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